Offset Rotaly-press inspection system

Offset rotary press

High resolution inspection system for the rotary press.
Cutting edge image processing tehcnologies and hardware.
SENSAI-WEB is a inspection system specifically designed for rotary press.
High resolution up to 0.26mm×0.26mm pixel size.
It can for example scan 6pt letter.


High resolution 0.26mm×0.26mm

High resolution 0.26mm×0.26mm

By using high-spec camera and PC, SENSAI-WEB accomplished high resolution despite the speed of the production.

It enables the user to inspect letters and artworks which conventionla rotary press inspection systems were unable to scan.

Rotary press causes expansion or contraction, and also the sheet slightly moves during the printing.

SENSAI-WEB can inpect the targets despite of the above phenomenons.

Data vs Sheet inspection (optional)

Data vs Sheet inspection (optional)

By adding optional software “Master Checker”, SENSAI-WEB will be able to inspect the target referencing on the design data (PDF/TIF).