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Building only truly high-quality products

We propose environmentally friendly workflows based on inspection systems that reduce personnel, supply, and time wastage.

Printing products

Character defect and cut line inspection systemsBISAI series

Prevent defective lots due to scratches and brush denting while detecting color variations!

Inline quality inspection system for sheet-fed pressesSENSAI

For customers who wish to differentiate themselves from competitors with 100%, double-sided inspections of printed pages!

High-resolution offset rotary inspection systemSENSAI-WEB

High-speed, high-resolution inspections that lead the industry!

High-resolution cardboard inspection systemSENSAI-CP

High-resolution 100%, double-sided inspections of cardboard!

Quality inspection system for blanksPLUSTER

Easily detect defects in deposition and finishing equipment that legacy systems have problems catching!

Compact offline quality inspection systemSTS550

Introducing the industry’s first offline inspection system for detecting character defects in drug documentation and terms of use!

Detection systems for preventing binding defectsALMAGIX series

Featuring the ultimate camera system for detecting binding defects, popular in both Japan and overseas!

Inline quality inspection system for sack machines

Introducing an inline quality inspection system for sack machines that offers both high production efficiency and quality assurance!

Factory automation products

Drive controls for industrial machinery

If personnel on the production floor are complaining about a problem, you need our FA system.